The hair transplant in our country has 80% more affordable prices than the global hair transplant prices. Turkey ranks 2nd around the world not just in terms of hair transplant prices but also the quality and general status. In this case, Turkey attracts a lot of individuals from Europe, America, the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula.

Turkey hair transplant clinics offer services to more than 1 million individuals around the world every year and adopt a price policy just like all the other sectors. In general, the hair transplant prices in our country changes between 1,200€-5,000€.Hair transplant cost in turkey and other countries

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Hair transplant is arguably one of the most common procedures to deal with hair loss problems all around the world. Hair thinning, baldness, and hair loss are getting common in both men and women. Besides the aging factor, there are various other reasons too causing hair loss. These more commonly include genetics, environmental impact, medications, diet, or any other health issue.

Anyone suffering from hair loss problem surely wants to regrow their hair to maintain their beautiful appearance in the best possible way. Hair transplant is the most widely used solution to consider in this regard.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey compared to other countries

In European countries, hair transplant procedures are highly expensive, as these cost you per graft. However, on the other hand, hair transplant in Turkey more often comes up in the form of an all-inclusive package that makes it more affordable comparatively.

While, when it comes to hair transplant costs compared to other countries the difference is actually huge. Let’s have a look at the table below to have a quick comparison in this regard.
So, here we go:

Method Prices in US Prices in UK Prices in Europe Prices in Turkey
DHI Method $ 13.800 – $ 12.300 £ 10600 – £ 13090 € 5550 – € 31190 € 2490 – € 4000
FUE Method $ 11400 – $ 15900 £ 4690 – £ 10090 € 3450 – € 4850 € 1799 – € 2500

So, overall, hair transplant cost in Turkey is just 1/3rd or 1/4th in Turkey as compared to other countries.

Does Low Cost Means Low Quality?

Due to lower hair transplant costs in Turkey, people assume that the clinics here might be offering low-quality treatments. However, in fact, the affordability of hair transplant procedures in Turkey is mainly because of the currency balance between Turkey and other European countries. Most importantly, the number of professional surgeons offering high-quality hair transplant procedures has also grown tremendously.

On top of that, hair transplant specialists in Turkey are famous for their tried and tested approaches, courage to accomplish challenges, and experience to provide world-class quality and successful results.

So overall, low cost never means the low quality of hair transplant procedures in Turkey.

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Why is Hair Transplant so cheap in Turkey?

However, when it comes to get the best yet highly affordable hair transplant procedure, Turkey is one of the most amazing places to consider in this regard worldwide. Tons of people worldwide are getting hair transplant procedures from Turkey to get their perfectly healthy-looking hair back successfully.

However, whenever it comes to getting a hair transplant procedure from Turkey, the cost of the procedure can make someone wonder why is hair transplant so cheap in Turkey. To get to know about it better, let’s have a look at some of the important reasons below. These reasons will surely help you understand why hair transplant procedures in Turkey are so cheap.

So, here we go:

  • Immensely growing hair transplant industry; Most importantly, hair transplant growth in Turkey has grown immensely. Even more, the market for hair transplant procedures has grown so large that these procedures have become the number one cosmetic procedure in the country. Additionally, hair surgeons literally are performing about 1.000 and 2.000 procedures yearly. With the increasing growth, the competition level has also grown tremendously. Ultimately, this is leading to cheaper hair transplant costs in Turkey.
  • Availability of competitive deals; Another important reason why hair transplant procedures are so cheap in Turkey is the easier availability of highly competitive deals. Here you can easily find lucrative hair transplant deals that can make the overall procedure highly affordable for you.
    Most importantly, competitive deals in Turkey never mean any compromise on the quality of hair transplant techniques. instead, you will experience the same level of tried and tested hair transplant procedures by specialists as any other developed country offer that’s too in a very affordable price range.
  • Lower day to day living costs; On top of that, Turkey is a country with lower day-to-day living costs. The cost of rent, materials, and products here are highly affordable. Additionally, the higher exchange rate between Turkey lira and USD and EUR also makes hair transplant costs lower in Turkey as compared to other countries.
  • All-inclusive hair transplant packages; When you want a medical tour to Turkey to get your hair transplant procedure done, you can also find all-inclusive packages offered by top hair clinics here. An all-inclusive hair transplant package usually covers your accommodation, air ticket, food, airport transfer, treatment medicines, care essentials, hair transplant procedure, etc. All of these available in one package also makes the hair transplant procedure in Turkey more affordable.

So, overall, you can have an amazing experience of hair transplant in Turkey without even breaking your bank.

Which Technique Will Be Used In Hair Transplant?

This question is vital and the most important factor in hair transplant prices. This is the key topic to impact and change the process. You can find the details of DHI and FUE hair transplant methods on our website. You can always ask which method will be selected and the advantages and disadvantages of these methods. We find the most suitable method for every individual with more than 8,000 hair transplant experience.

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How much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey?

Multiple factors can vary hair transplant costs in Turkey. These include the number of grafts that need to be transplanted, the experience of the surgeon, the hair transplant clinic you choose, accommodation, and the type of hair transplant procedure you want. All these can impact the cost of hair transplants in Turkey negatively or positively.

How much do 2000 grafts cost in Turkey?

The transplantation of 2000 hair grafts, is approx. equal to about 5000 hair strands. So, expect to pay anywhere around €1,500 on average in for 2000 grafts in Turkey.

How much do 3000 grafts cost in Turkey?

3000 grafts are processed on average in hair transplant procedures in Turkey. However, the average cost for 3000 grafts is about €1800.

How much do 4000 grafts cost in Turkey?

Similarly, you should expect to pay between €1800 to €2000 for a hair transplant procedure with 4000 grafts. However, the price may differ based on different factors.

How much do 5000 grafts cost in Turkey?

However, transplanting 5000 grafts cost in Turkey is €2000+. 5000 grafts are usually considered by people who want higher hair density and volume.

All-Inclusive Hermest Hair Transplant Clinic Prices in Turkey

The all-inclusive Hermest hair transplant clinic is one of the leading hair clinics in Turkey. It has specialized in various hair transplant techniques and offers highly successful results affordably. However, when it comes to understand the cost of Hermest’s all-inclusive hair transplant packages, the cost varies based on your location and the type of additional services you want.

However, the all-inclusive package usually contains:

  • Airport transfer
  • Medications are required during, before, and after the procedure.
  • 4 or 5-star accommodation
  • Aftercare services
  • Translator if needed.

However, to get an accurate estimation, you can simply contact the clinic team.

Why Do Hair Transplant Prices Change For Different Techniques?

Duration: The duration changes depending on the selected technique. For example, 1 session of a long hair transplant is longer than 1 session of an FUE hair transplant. Since long hair transplant takes longer, the price of this technique is more than the FUE method.

Material: The medical materials change based on the applied technique. The price of the materials and the lifecycle impact the general prices. For example, a medical tool called “Choi pen” for DHI hair transplant has high prices and a new set must be used in every operation. However, the tips for Sapphire FUE are more affordable and offer a better cost.

Team Size: The team size can change depending on the hair transplant technique. Since the operating cost increases with a larger team, the hair transplant price changes as well. For example, a DHI hair transplant method needs 2-3 people that including one person for implantation and one person to place the hair grafts inside CHOI pens. This means 4-5 surgeons must be simultaneously present in the operation. Other than the hair transplant surgeon, an anaesthesia surgeon and nurses must be present for every hair transplant technique.

Our View As Hermest and Our Price Policy

As expressed above, the number of grafts is an important criterion to determine the price. However, this topic should be analysed carefully. When the rumours in the market are considered, there are hair transplant clinics that ask for more graft prices as well as clinics that implant paid grafts. As Hermest, we would like to note that we are against these two behaviours and we don’t find it ethical. Due to our honest and transparent price policy, we opt for a number of grafts that will offer maximum benefit to each patient to obtain the best possible hair transplant results.

A person needs a natural hair look but this can only be archived with a natural hairline and implanting the maximum number of grafts.