What is the Price Range of Hair Transplantations?

It is known that hair transplantation prices in Turkey are 80% more favorable than the world average. Turkey is not only affordable but also the 2nd best in the world in terms of overall quality. Not surprisingly, Turkey attracts many people from Europe, America, the Middle East, and the Arabian Peninsula.
Hair transplant centers in Turkey serving more than 1 million people from around the world every year has adopted a price policy of their own, like all other sectors. In general, hair transplantation rates in our country varies between 1.200€ and 5.000€. Clinics that offer hair transplantation for under 1.200€ are either new in the sector or get very poor results.

Which questions should the person ask if he/she wants to have a hair transplant?

Before going to a hair transplantation clinic, it is absolutely necessary to carry out preliminary research and to determine the questions to be asked to experts. Let’s summarize these questions:

Which Method Will Be Used for Hair Transplant?

This question is of vital importance. Because this is the key aspect that will affect and change the process from beginning to end. You can find the methods that can be used for hair transplantation in detail on our website. You can always ask us which one to choose, their advantages and disadvantages. With more than 8.000 hair transplantation experience, we determine and apply the most suitable method for the patient.

Our View and Price Policy as Hermes Hair Clinic:

As mentioned above, the number of grafts to be transplanted is a very important criterion that affects the price. Thus, this issue needs to be carefully analyzed. Considering the speculations received quite common in the market, there are clinics that charge much more than the number of grafts planted, and clinics that only charge according to the exact number of grafts planted as well. As Hermes Hair Clinic hair transplantation center, we would like to state that we are against both situations and we do not find them ethical. In accordance with our transparent price policy, we are in favor of transplanting the maximum number of grafts so that every patient can get excellent results. The person’s need is a natural hair image. It can only be achieved with a natural forehead line and plantation of the maximum possible number of grafts.
Apart from that, no additional fee is required from any patient in our center before and after the operation for reasons such as analysis, medication, special care method or additional hair transplantation.