What is Long Hair (Long Hair Fue) Transplantation?

In its simplest terms, it is the removal and transplantation of the hair with its long form. In this method, the most healhy hair follicles are selected, removed and planted on the hairless area considering the natural hair growth direction. This process is technically FUE Hair Transplantation Method, but with long hair.

How is Long Hair (Long Hair Fue) Performed?

With this technique, no part of the hair is shaved. The hair in the donor area behind the head is harvested without being shortened and planted in the desired area. Other than that, operational and plantation duration is the same.

Long Hair Transplantation is often used for right and left sides of the forehead and top of the hair. In cases of baldness due to hair loss in these areas, long hair transplantation is highly saving.

In these thin hair areas, the section where hair transplantation will be performed is drawn with a medical pen device. Then, a number of 500 to 1000 hair follicles which genetically do not shed are taken from the nape and placed in the implant area.

What are The Advantages and Differences?

  • Long Hair Transplantation method has a much lower risk of scarring.
  • The number of grafts transplanted per session is between 500-1000. Long hair transplantation is a method that requires much more attention and care. It takes more time and costs more than other methods.
  • Long Hair Transplantation method does not involve any shortening or cutting of hair, so it does not cause any change or interruption in patient’s social life.
  • The hair density that occurs after Long Hair Transplantation creates a rapid and highly positive psychological effect and satisfaction in the patient.
  • Fullness and change in hair is seen immediately, even after the operation.

After Long Hair Transplantation, Can Someone Tell If Person Had a Hair Transplant?

As with all other hair transplantation methods, redness of the scalp may occur after the operation. However, in Long Hair FUE method, because long hair hides the area, redness is not visible from outside. Recovery is easier and faster for the patient.