What is Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

Compared to other methods, this is a more complicated and attention demanding method done by preserving the current hair length and shape. Only a handful of hair transplant clinics apply this method. Unshaven Hair Transplantation is done in two different ways. Whether the patient is eligible or not is determined after the analysis of the doctor. In Unshaven Hair Transplantation method an average number of 4.000 hair roots can be planted in 2 sessions and every root can contain 1 to 3 roots.

  • Sectional Shaving: trimming is done on a small portion of the scalp to harvest hair follicles. A rectangular area of 10 × 5 cm size is trimmed from the donor area during the operation.
  • Full Unshaven Hair: an approach particularly preferred by men and women who love long hair. FUE technique is used in this method. It takes more time than other methods and requires a more intensive work. However, hair loss may be experienced with this method.

What is the Difference Between Unshaven And Shaved Hair Transplantation?

  • Unshaven method eliminates the social pressure on patients who get hair transplant. Also, since there is no need to scrape or shorten the hair like in other methods, the operation is completed without any change or interruption in the patient’s everyday life.
  • It has been indispensable for many people because it is ensures that men who never give up their existing hair style and who are bound to a certain style can maintain the style they want.
  • This method also eliminates the bad image in the donor area.
  • In Shaved Hair Transplantation method, the hair is scraped or shortened, and it can become quite a big problem for patients. But
  • in Unshaven Hair Transplantation method, patients can return to their daily lives in a short time.
  • Unshaven Hair Transplantation method shines through other methods for women, because it eliminates the need of cutting hair to a short style, which resembles a male hair style.

Those Who Want to Get Unshaved Hair Transplantation Should Know:

The biggest disadvantage of this method is the length of the operation. Unshaven Hair Transplantation requires nearly two times more time than other methods.
The team which will perform the operation must show great patience and endeavour.
Ensuring a hygienic environment is a crucial issue. There is a higher risk of infection or complications after the operation. The patient is required to act rigorously.
The most important detail is that, because of the difficulty of the procedure and the need for more time and patience, clinics prefer this method less frequently. For this reason, the price is slightly higher than in other methods.

After Unshaved Hair Transplantation, Can One Tell If Person Had a Hair Transplant?

In other methods, the hair follicles are taken as strips. In Unshaved Hair Transplant method, the roots are taken individually. Thus, traces of the operation are minimized. It does not leave an obvious mark behind, and the healing process is completed in 2-3 days. All these pluses make the Unshaven Hair Transplant appealing to many people.